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Gulab Jamoon

Date - July 26, 2016 / Author - ayyıldız / Category - Recipies


Dessert is a course that concludes a main meal. The course usually consists of sweet foods and beverages

Ingredients needed
For 20 -25 gulab jamuns
Gulab Jamun flour – 1 packet – 200 grams (available readymade)
Oil for deep frying

For making sugar syrup

Sugar -2 1/2 cups
Water – 3 cups
Cardamom pods -3 peeled or crushed

Method to prepare sugar syrup

In a big pan, mix sugar, water and 2-3 crushed cardamoms.

Bring it to boil and stir until the sugar dissolves completely and syrup becomes slightly sticky. Do not boil too much. Keep it aside.

Method to make Gulab jamun

1. First mix the gulab jamun flour well with your hands to remove all lumps.

2. Then add water (according to the instructions on the pack) and make a soft pliable dough. Let it sit for a few minutes.

3. Divide the dough equally and make small balls without any creases. This is very important.

4. Heat oil and fry the gulab jamuns in medium heat so that the inside of the gulab jamun will also get cooked well. Keep stirring it gently for even cooking and browning. Remove with a slotted ladle when it becomes dark brown in color.

5. Allow the gulab jamuns to cool off a little, before dropping them in hot sugar syrup.

6. Let all the Gulab jamuns remain soaked in the sugar syrup for 1 hour. It can be served hot or cold.


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